HOB Salons is pleased to announce the launch of our brand new ‘Hair Thinning Clinic’ to help the growing number of men and women who are experiencing hair loss.
The new service, which is available in 23 of our 25 salon branches, including our HOB Man barber salon. Selected senior members of HOB staff have undergone detailed and specialist training in trichology and the science of hair loss, which now enables them to offer our clients 15-30 minute Hair Thinning consultations as part of our new Hair Thinning Clinics running every Thursday. 
The HOB Hair Thinning consultations are completely free of charge, and are open to all existing and new clients - men and women - and anyone who would like a reassuring and expert ear to hear their concerns regarding hair loss. The ‘Hair Thinning Experts’, as the salon specialists are known, will discuss the details of the problem, the possible causes, the effects of diet and lifestyle, and then ultimately recommend a course of action to help resolve the issue.
During a consultation, you can also expect to be shown the fascinating “Nioscope”, a special digital camera that takes a photo of the scalp and magnifies it by x200. This allows the Hair Thinning Expert to make a clearer diagnosis, and allows you to be shown exactly what might be going on around your troubled hair follicle. 
Prior to our new clinic, a concern of this type might lead you to an expensive appointment on Harley Street; now, free advice is easily accessible to everyone within reach of a HOB salon.
With a hairdresser being the “fifth most trusted person” in a woman’s life, the Hair Thinning Clinic represents an easy, free, non-intimidating way to begin seeking advice on an unsettling problem; although, as Akin points out, “Our intention is not to replace medical experts or even trichologists. If the hair loss warrants a more expert opinion, we will be sure to recommend that the client seeks out more specialist help. But, as a first step, we’re here”.

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