Trend Tuesday: RED & COPPER

Whether it's a warm or cool tone, coppers and reds can be worn season after season. These trending tones can suit any complexion, and our colourists will customise the shade to compliment your facial canvas whether you opt for a softer tone or want to make a statement and go bold to create a contrast.

Garnet - Go dramatic this season and update your hair colour by opting for this expressive shade. Garnet is a deep vibrant red with undertones of brunette, red and mahogany. This shade can be worn by universal skin complexions as it has elements of cool and warm tones. Opt for more brunette and red tones for richer and warmer skin tones and for cooler skin tones choose a mahogany and red palette. 

Nutmeg - This exciting new shade for copper is the perfect balance of rich warmth with reflective shine. We will work with the same overall tone throughout the hair, but change the level so your richer at the root but more luminous through the length and ends, giving you glass-like shine.

Rich Tea - This essential classic copper tone will never date.  Rich tea is the perfect blend of gold and orange tones creating a natural copper and best compliments warmer, more universal skin tones. For cooler skin types we will work with a small amount violet so that the colour enhances your overall facial canvas. 

The Mia - Paying tribute to the ultimate pixie copper crop of the 60's- Mia Farrow. The Mia is a delicate rich pink sand tone that suits any skin tone due to having both warm and cool undertones. Warmer skin tones will look richer and healthier, where cooler skin types will look cleaner and brighter. This natural copper is this seasons fashion must-have colour.  

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