Trend Tuesday: MODERN MULLET


The mullet resurfaces every 10-15 years but never catches on, this season is different! With post lockdown doom & gloom, the “modern mullet” is the perfect trend to dust off the cobwebs & go for something edgy & different. This modern take on the mullet is a hybrid of a mullet & shag haircut. Less aggressive & more lived in, sexy & textured, it requires less styling - perfect for those seeking the new bedhead look. This cut can be bespoke for any face shape & texture but works best with a natural wave. 


Give your mullet an upcycled approach when it comes to hair colour. This season's micro trend will be lived in rock and roll royalty. Dusty pinks and blue based violets are the way to go, with ash colour based toners to give you that grungy, raw feel. Texture lights is a hot technique we also work with where we place lighter, richer pieces through the hair to accentuate your haircut, working with colours such as vintage golds and rustic ambers.

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