Trend Tuesday: SHORT & SWEET


Want a dramatic change? There are very few haircuts as timeless as the pixie. Surprisingly versatile, working with different hair textures, this year the iconic pixie has been given a new lease of life & its time to shine once more. Evenly textured all over or with a little length on top, the pixie cut is slowly but surely becoming the next big thing.



When it comes to short hair there are two colour trends that will dominate 2022- SHADOW LIGHTS and SEAMLESS SHADING. Shadow lights takes inspiration from 80's Brit pop culture, and helps to give your textured crop more dimension. Working with lightening your crop we will then tone down the root area, leaving the length and ends lighter and brighter. If you're a trend setter this commercial trend is a must-have! Seamless shading takes inspiration from the early 60's Americana movie culture, and this technique allows us to work with intermixing shades for more luminosity. Blondes are warmer and sun kissed, brunettes are rich in tone and dramatic while red and coppers take on spring like warmth. Seamless shading is a salon classic.  


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