The New (Olaplex) Kids on the Block

Word on the (wet and wintery) street is that the two new styling products from Olaplex are the stuff that styling dreams are made of… And, the great news is that not only are they in stock in all HOB Salons, but we’ve just permanently reduced the price of both of them! That’s right. We’ve got them right here. 

Olaplex ‘Bond Smoother’, (step no.6), is your answer to unwanted frizz, dehydration and and damaged locks. In the form of a styling cream, you simply pop it on your wet hair before drying and let it strengthen, hydrate and moisturise your tresses. It will also speed up your blowdry efforts, whilst keeping everything ultra smooth and shiny. This little miracle worker is flying off the HOB shelves at such a rapid pace, we’re struggling to keep it in stock (in fact, us staffers are not even allowed to buy it, since it’s in such demand from our clients!) It commonly retails at £32 but at HOB, we’ve priced it at just £26. So either be quick, or pop your name on the waiting list at your local HOB salon.

The Olaplex ‘Bonding Oil’ (step no.7) is the epitome of haircare oils. It’s restorative, weightless, and your new BFF for heat protection (232 degrees is plenty for anyone). It campaigns for shine, softness and colour vibrancy, and like the above, you simply pop a teeny tiny drop on wet hair before styling. Again, the RRP of this gem is £32, but at HOB it’s £26. Oh, and like the whole product range, it’s sulphate free and contains the magical Olaplex bond-building chemistry. Love, love, and love.

We can tell what you’re thinking… ‘what if I want strength, hydration, moisture, shine, colour vibrancy AND heat protection?’ That’s ok, we were thinking the same thing (yes, we Want. It. All.) Luckily, there’s a simple answer: MIX ‘EM TOGETHER!

Olivia, HOB Stylist: “The no.6 Smoothing Cream and the no.7 Bonding Oil are fabulous mixed together…My dream products for blowdrying, the hair just feels gorgeous” There, we told you.

Curious about those other products pictured below? There’s a whole posse of hair-restoring dreamboats in the range, all available at HOB: the Bond-Building shampoo and conditioner, are £25 each and worth it just for the smell alone. The renowned no.3 Hair Perfector treatment has also had a price drop to £26 and continues the good in-salon work at home.

So, if you fancy getting your paws on these two new heroes of haircare, or any of their magically-repairing mates, set off to HOB Salons at a brisk trot (they sell out fast, as aforementioned). They’re worth the investment and will last a good few months at least, so you’ll be sorted for the rest of the winter and well into Spring…. (Even if it takes longer to arrive than the Brad’n’Jen reunion). Huzzah!

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