What are the benefits of professional haircare?

Have you heard of the saying ‘You get what you pay for?’ Whilst this isn’t true in all instances of life, we can confirm that paying a little extra for PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE will allow you to see huge benefits. We have listed our top 3 reasons why you should be investing in professional hair care for 2021 and what we can offer you that supermarkets and online retailers can’t….


The reason professional hair care products tend to be a little on the higher side compared to products you can purchase from your local supermarket, is because professional hair care contains higher amounts of quality ingredients and unique formulas. Without giving you a science lesson, let’s take one of our top selling brands, System Professional, as an example:

System Professional discovered through years of scientific experiment, that your hair contains a unique profile of lipids that determine its elasticity, fibre health and responsiveness.

Every product is coded and inspired by science but tailored by hair type, meaning there are thousands of unique codes that can be unlocked to find you your perfect hair care solution. ‘Well, doesn’t every product do this?’ we hear you ask… Errr, no! System Professional’s LipidCode Complex is a patented technology designed to change the hair’s natural lipids, tie the cuticles together and protects the keratin! So, in simple terms, if you’d like beautiful, healthy hair, with a regime designed specifically to your hair needs, System Professional should be your go-to brand!



Walking down the supermarket aisle or scowling the internet for hours reading mixed reviews about what products are best for your hair type, can be an extremely overwhelming and laborious task. At HOB Salons we have 38 years of experience with 23 salons and a professionally trained team of ‘hair care experts’. They have spent years learning about what it takes to create a healthy scalp environment, thus producing beautiful , shiny and healthy hair (by using the right products of course!) 

We offer FREE hair care advice that will enable us to recommend you a personalised hair care regime based on your hair type, your budget and your lifestyle. Whether you want to take the first step to purchasing a professional shampoo, or are ready to go the full hog and would like a brand new 3-5 step hair care regime, we are on hand to prescribe you a hair solution that will become life-long. If you’re looking for some free expert advice drop us an email hobhomecare@hobsalons.com where we can start to take care of all of your hair care needs.


This is the bit that clients tend to re-read because its so good, they don’t quite believe it the first-time round. We are so confident in ensuring we can find a hair care regime that works for you, that if you’re not happy with the products you have purchased, ONCE YOU HAVE USED THEM, we will give you your money back*! Now, find us somewhere else that offers you that service. We’ll just wait here!

Want to place your order? Email hobhomecare@hobsalons.com 

*Money back guarantee available when a 3-step hair care regime has been purchased.

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