The Root Issue

It’s been 23 days since our salon doors closed and some of you may be starting to notice your dreaded roots making a comeback. Whether your grey hairs are creating a halo effect around the top of your head, your red/copper tone has faded or that creamy ice cream blonde is turning into more of a brassy colour, Warren Boodaghian, Head of Colour for HOB Salons has some lockdown solutions to stop you from colouring your own hair at home (and bodging it up!)

For grey/white root coverage

There’s no denying that a grey/white root against a brunette or even blonde tone stands out. However, allow us to introduce Colour Wow root cover products. This product is a safe and fast-fix way to camouflaging your roots whilst also being quick and easy to apply. It comes in 8 different shades and is just like using an eye shadow for your hair where you simply apply the product with a small brush onto dry hair. Voila! Bye bye roots! RRP £24.25

Dull reds, brunettes and blondes

Have you heard about our newly launched Wella Colour fresh hair masks? If not, then you’re about to have your day made. With 12 different shades to choose from, including ‘pearl blonde’ and ‘golden gloss’ for blondes, ‘chocolate touch’ for brunette tones and ‘copper glow’ and ‘red’ for those richer colours, you can enhance your hair colour and bring it back to life in just 10 minutes and top it up when it starts to fade! You simply apply the hair mask to the desired areas of the hair if you’re just wanting to change the tone of your ends for example, or apply the mask all over for a more even coverage and leave on between 10-20 minutes depending on how deep you’d like the colour to go. Warren’s top tip is to apply the mask with your hands and massage it into the hair, then after a few minutes, use a wide comb and use a combing motion to drag the product an inch away from the roots to ensure the product is saturated through the hair nicely. Then, simply rinse and style. RRP £15.90.

Brassy blondes

Silver shampoo is perfect for removing the yellow tinge that blondes can sometimes get from exposure to elements such as wind, rain and pollution- 3 things we know about all too well living in the UK (in lockdown where all there is to do is walk outside come rain or shine!) The purple shampoo neutralises warm tones in blonde/light hair by depositing cool, violet pigment. It’s the best way to rid your hair of brassy tones and keep your blonde looking natural or your platinum or silver hair looking bright, without having to visit the salon! On Sale £15.92 (rrp £19.90)

Lockdown haircare? Done! 

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