4 Key Brunette Trends

Changing you hair colour is the easiest way to freshen up your look, and when the likes of Bella Hadid are making it look so effortlessly chic, we felt it our duty to share our 4 key brunette trends that we are lusting over for the winter season. Hear what Warren Boodaghian, Head of Colour for HOB, has to say:
Royal Rebel 

Feminine, delicate and confident, the royal rebel knows who she is. 
This colouring technique is a modern classic bringing back high maintenance hair colour to any deserving princess. We work with creating soft micro-lights to add dimension and luminosity to the main canvas of the hair, working with a seamless technique. Once the desired lift has been achieved we then tone the highlights to match and compliment your skin tone, only working 2 levels lighter than your natural brunette hair colour. 

This is this biggest colour movement for brunettes moving away from balayage. 

Chiaroscuro takes inspiration from Italian art and it’s contrast between dark to light. How we then translate this for hair colour is by working with the same tone from roots to ends. What changes is the level, so from a dark to medium brunette at the root, we transition the colour to a softer, more luminous brunette through to the ends. Warmer hues are more suited to this customised technique, and what's more, it's super low maintenance . Depending on your hair growth, this colouring technique can last 8-14 weeks. In between this we would recommend visiting the salon for a quick toning refresh to bring back the warmth and richness. 
The Bancroft 

Taking inspiration from the original 60’s icon of the face frame Anne Bancroft aka Mrs Robinson.

'Face-frame contouring' and 'balayage' are words that get used at HOB Salons almost as much as 'covid-19' and 'stay safe'. The Bancroft takes these colouring techniques to a whole new level for brunettes. We create strong slices of creamy blonde around the facial canvas, leaving the rest of the hair brunette and rich in tone. This is a statement hair colour at its best that commands attention.  This technique works best for mid length and longer hair lengths.
Bella Brunette 

Expensive, opulent and daring, the Bella takes brunettes to a whole new level! 

Simple yet effective, this colouring technique works by creating glass like mirror shine to the hair, creating healthy looking hair from root to tip. We work with saturated colour all through the hair line to frame the face, and strengthen to the base line of the hair cut. We then create softer translations of the same tone through sections of the hair to soften the overall effect. To keep the tone looking glass-like we recommend the Liquid Hair treatment from System Professional  for inbetween hair appointments. 

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