Four (BIG) Reasons Why Professional Salon Colour is WORTH The Money

The average cost of a box of DIY hair colour from Boots is about £5.50. For a salon colour, depending on what you have, you’re looking at least 10 times that amount. Now, we’re sure that could raise a few questions… but trust us, there’s some very good reasons why (plus, read on for a few tips on how to save some money on a salon visit!)

A cheap and quick box of hair dye may seem the easy answer to more expensive, more time-consuming salon appointments, but anything you may gain is of nominal value when you consider what you may lose. (All of your hair, for example, or at least your dignity when it goes disastrously wrong.) Lurking within that colourful box are all sorts of chemicals and peroxides that can, with shocking ease, turn you orange, green, mustard yellow, or almost any colour other than the one you wanted. And the cost to have a salon put it right? Usually around 20 times the cost of the box. Now that’s a false economy if we ever saw one.

In today’s age of the super-salon, any salon worth their salt will have unlimited refreshments on hand (including a chilled Sauvignon), a relaxing head massage, a choice of conditioning treatments, all the answers to your hair/relationship/life woes and - yes - human interaction (don’t pull that face, it’s good for you). Some establishments even offer manicures, deli meals, yoga, art installations and make-up stations. We’re pretty sure most would agree that this beats hanging your head over the bathroom sink and trying to avoid spattering Nice’N’Easy up the paintwork. 

A salon colourist is a trained professional with years of colour education and training under their belt - when it comes to selecting that exact shade of mid-brown or sun-kissed blonde, they really do know what they’re talking about. The knowledge (mostly scientific) that is required for them to qualify as a salon hair colourist is increasing all the time, and at HOB Salons, they have to undertake additional training and 2 rigorous exams before they’re allowed anywhere near a paying client; plus, we also have Master Colour Experts that have completed an advanced diploma course to make them extra extra good. They’re also a one-stop shop for colour advice, questions, and maintenance tips. A box dye just can’t compete with their expertise. Fact.

You know that part of the appointment where your colourist goes off to ‘mix your colour’? That’s because they’re creating it from scratch for YOU and only you. Every combination of colour + technique + toner is personalised and unique to you, rather than a bog-standard box you select off of the shelf based on a blurry little 2D colour swatch on the side. Your unique colour formula will rarely be the same as another’s. After all, the number of people opting for custom-made paint mixtures for their interior decor needs is increasing all the time, and that’s only going on your WALLS….! Don’t you think your hair is worth the same investment?


If we’ve converted you, or just whetted your appetite to find out more, it’s easy to get started. Just book a free, no-obligation colour consultation at a HOB Salon. Oh, and saving the best til last - there’s currently a 25% discount available for anyone who has never had colour in one of our salons before, or who has not had one in the last 12 months. Hopefully see you soon!

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