The New Brunette Trends

It’s wedding season, prom season, and thank-god-the-evenings-are-light-now season. If you’re a brunette looking for a way to change it up, without going all-out with a big… you know…. CHANGE, here’s the answer. 

Blondies reckon they have more fun, but we beg to differ; because, for this season’s new brunette shades, you need to turn to your drinks cupboard. Contrary to the lighter evenings, it’s deeper and richer hues of brandy, cognac, bournville, and dark rum that are leading the way in dark hair colour trends. To avoid it feeling too heavy for the summer season, you need to clearly state this word to your colourist: “multi-dimensional”. This means having very subtle shade differences throughout, often with the use of an iridescent colour like Wella KPMe+, which will catch the light just-so and allow you to shine bright (like a diamond).

If it’s a summer glow you’re after, highlights are your friend. No, we’re not suggesting a transformation to a beach blonde (although, if you want one, we’ll happily oblige) but a smattering of golden brown spread throughout the hair with a concentration on the area around the parting and face - a clever trick that makes it look like the sun has lightened it naturally (or, like you’re one of those lucky jet-setting glam types that’s always on holiday).

Still on the fence…? Not a prob. If you’re a first-timer at HOB Salons for colour, we’ll happily take a generous 25% off your colour bill in order to introduce you to the magic of a brand new hue. Or, if it’s a little extra guidance you’re after, then we have extra-extra-trained Master Colourists in every salon AND a brand new Colour Menu that’s being applauded for making it easier than ever to select your shade, your technique, and your maintenance programme. 

Now, pass me the brandy…

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