Ever struggled with knowing exactly what colour service to have? Confused by what your colourist is advising, but don’t know how to ask?
We’ve all been there - nodding our heads in agreement to someone else’s recommendation without really understanding what they’re advising and why. When it comes to colour, there’s a lot of choice, and there can be a lot of hairdresser-y jargon. That’s why we’ve published the Colour Menu, now on display in every HOB Salons branch, which gives clear and 100% honest advice on:
  • Pros and cons of each colour service 
  • A transparent guide on costs and frequency of maintenance 
  • Tips on how to maintain cheaply and quickly 
  • The key differences between each type and why one may suit you better than another 

And if you need info on Olaplex, Wellaplex, or what aftercare products are best, that’s all in there too. 
So, book yourself in for a free, no-obligation colour consultation with one of our expert colourists at any HOB salon, take a look at the Colour Menu and finally get all your questions answered!

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