Trend Tuesday: OUT WITH A BANG

With lockdown feeling like a thing of the past, a fringe is the perfect way to spice up your style. This years trends are about lived in & undone textures & fringes are no different. The classic way to change the shape of any haircut, regardless of the length, is to add a fringe - perfect for face framing & adding a focal point. Remember, keeping the fringe longer will create the ultimate, sexy Kate Moss look but fringes of all shapes & lengths are up for discussion depending on suitability, whether its cut for brow skimming or brow hiding. 

When it comes to hair colour, fringes help in two ways. They either help shadow and enhance the facial canvas or add lightness to bring out the cheekbone area. For coppers and reds our colourists will soften the tone around the face adding lighter reflects. This helps  in the winter months as it gives your facial canvas a healthier glow. For brunette hues, we will work with richer depths around the face to enhance the eye colour and make them sparkle.

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