Trend Tuesday: PASTEL

For years the status quo for colour was being blonde, brunette, red or copper. Now, pastel shades are as classic as any other. Here are our top 4 trending pastel shades that you're going to be seeing more of in 2022.

1. Turkish delight - This soft and delicate tone is fun and meaningful, romantic and feminine and a universal shade and suits any complexion. 

2. Lavender - Curious, daring and carefree, this shade is for the brave and the bold. Lavender may sound gentle but it packs a confident punch and works best with cooler/universal complexions.

3. Turquoise - This shade might look bold and defensive but the colour evokes the feeling of wisdom and hope. As this shade fades it will become more tranquil and dream like. This tone works best with cooler complexions, but when it comes to colour it's all down to you and your tribe. Wear any colour with confidence and the shade does not wear you.

4. Morning Sunrise - Soothing and awakening, morning sunrise is THE energetic loving hair colour. This tone has the perfect balance of orange and yellow to suit all warmer complexions. For those with cooler skin tones, our colourists will tailor this hue to work in harmony with your facial canvas.


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