The mid- neck Bob

Forget the saying 'new year, new you!' If you're feeling like us, then a fresh new look post lockdown is where it's at! There is no better way to come out from hibernation than with a fresh new cut. According to Jake Unger, Head of Education for HOB Salons, 'the mid-neck bob has always been a mainstay in fashion and A/W 2020 is no different.'


At HOB, the objective of every haircut we do is to make you go 'WOW'. The sort of 'wow' that just rolls off the tongue instinctively. And there's a recipe for 'wow' with two key ingredients: 

1. SUITABILITY - will the haircut suit your face shape, your fashion tribe and your lifestyle? 

2. FASHIONABILITY - Is it on trend and is the style and length up to the minute?

The mid-neck bob oozes confidence and self assurance, so go on, opt for the chop this A/W and make people go WOW!


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