Re - opening our salons on 4th July & how we intend to protect our teams & our clients

  • Clients that had an appointment booked in before lockdown that were unable to attend have been kept in our computer system and will be contacted by our front of house team by 1st July.
  • From Thursday 2nd July at 9am, our booking system will be available and you will be able to call your preferred salon to make your appointment. 

  • Before we re-open on July 4th, we will be preparing the salons to ensure all health and safety measures are in place in accordance with the government guidelines. 
  • Health & Safety risk assessments will be carried out in each salon and we will be ensuring that:

1. We have cleaning, hand washing and hygiene procedures in line with government guidance.
2. We have taken all reasonable steps to help people work from home or have provided more flexibility to support each person’s individual            lifestyle eg. Having to get public transport and organising their schedule to miss the early morning rush.
3. We have done everything practical to manage transmission risk.


  • We have taken all reasonable steps to keep to a 1m+ distance in the workplace whilst also adhering to the correct PPE.
  • Visors will be worn by our whole team in accordance with the government guidelines.
  • Clients that are having a cut and blow dry or colour service will be supplied with PPE that includes hand sanitizer, a disposable towel, a disposable gown and will come at an additional cost of £5 per visit.
  • Clients having a wash and blow dry service only will not be charged but will still be provided with hand sanitizer and a disposable towel.
  • Once government guidelines state that the current PPE is no longer required, the surcharge of £5 will no longer be charged for. We would like to add that we do not profit one penny from supplying the necessary PPE, and have charged a £5 surcharge as a contribution to all of the PPE we have put in place to ensure we uphold our five star health and safety status.
  • Whilst client masks are not deemed necessary in accordance with government guidance, if you would prefer to wear a mask throughout your appointment then this is no problem. (Some salons will be asking their clients to wear masks if there are team members that are considered higher risk eg. Pregnant team members. We kindly ask that you bring your own mask with you. When making your appointment you will be informed of this.)
  • Perspex shields will be installed at the front of house reception desk and as a cashless company we would like to remind you that card payment is the only form of payment that we accept.
  • Contactless payments have been increased to £45 per transaction and we are unable to change any monies for any purposes.
  • If you would like to tip your hairdresser or apprentice please can we kindly ask that you put the money in their personal container/money box and no cash is passed through the hands of yourself and others.
  • Hand Sanitizer will be placed throughout your client journey and there will be a sanitization zone as you enter the salon. Please can you ensure that you sanitize your hands upon entering the salon.
  • High touch points in the salon such as door handles, the credit card machine, each salon chair and styling section will be thoroughly cleaned down and sanitized after every single client.
  • We will be allowing extra time for each appointment to ensure that our team can sanitize their hairdressing tools before beginning their next client.
  • Refreshments and magazines will not be being served/offered to reduce the risk of germs. However, if you would like to bring your own coffee/water then please feel free to do so but please dispose of your cups/bottles yourself upon leaving the salon.
  • The toilet will be open for clients and we will provide liquid handwash, sanitizer and electric hand driers/disposable towels for clients to use. 
  • We will be ensuring that the toilet is cleaned after every use as well as having a 15 minute rota adhered to and signed, to confirm the cleaning inspection has taken place.
  • Signage will be placed in our windows notifying clients not to enter until the front of house entrance is completely clear. 
  • We will be tweaking our appointment times to stagger when our clients arrive.
  • For eg. Rather than six clients arriving at 9am we will be asking for two clients to arrive at 8.45am, two clients to arrive at 9am, and two clients at 9.15am.
  • Please ensure you allow plenty of time to arrive for your appointment as we are allowing time in between every client to clean down and sanitise our styling tools/sections and we may not be able to accommodate you if you are late.
  • Please can you wait in your car or outside of the salon, and our FOH team will call you or text you to enter the salon as soon as your stylist/colourist is ready to see you.
  • Please can you ensure that you arrive to the salon alone so we can reduce the number of people in the salon as much as possible. 
  • If you are being accompanied by your child then you are responsible for supervising them at all times and need to follow social distancing guidelines. 

  • Your health and safety is our no one priority, and so is making sure that by the time you have left the salon, that you look and feel like the best version of yourself.
  • Whilst being closed we have been offering live education to our teams, covering colour and cutting fundamentals, keeping them up to date with our HOB philosophies. 
  • We are elevating our consultations to the next level and will be educating our clients on current and future trends. We will be listening intently to your hair concerns and providing solutions based on not only what you want, but also what you need.
  • We will be considering your lifestyle and how frequently you can return to the salon to maintain your cut and colour, giving you a look that is on trend but suits your face shape and eye colour and flatters your skin tone.
  • It is a joint responsibility between us and our clients to ensure your hair looks great beyond the salon chair.
  • Having a prescribed hair care regime to follow at home will be the difference in your colour or cut lasting a few weeks or a few months. Ensuring you have the best products tailored to your hair’s needs will solve all of these hair dilemmas.
  • We will be offering Olaplex to every client when we book in their appointment. 
  • Olaplex has revolutionised the hairdressing industry and we highly recommend every client has this service at their first appointment followed by having it every 4-6 weeks thereafter. 

  • Pre-booking your appointment(S) is more essential now than ever before. 
  • When building relationships with our clients we think of the longer-term picture and not just how your hair will look after the first visit. 
  • Our vision is about how your hair will look in 6 months or 12 months time and this requires a considered ‘plan’ and, usually, more than one appointment to get to the desired result.
  • When we are making your appointment we are intending on not just making your first appointment but want to have the rest of your appointments booked in until the end of the year and will recommend how many weeks we will need to see you again, working with a realistic timeframe that suits you both in terms of your time and your money.
  • During these unprecedented times clients that have a pre-booked appointment(s) will always be considered a priority.
  • To highlight the importance of rebooking your appointments we will be offering you 10% OFF for each appointment you book in advance and clients with a pre-booked appointment will always be prioritised. 

  • We have just launched our new HOBHomeCare delivery service where you can purchase your favourite retail products and get them delivered straight to your front door.
  • Rather than feeling overwhelmed with all of the hair products available on the market, you can experience a complimentary online consultation with one of our leading experts. 
  • We will prescribe you with a tailored hair care regime and offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you decide that after using the products, that they haven’t given you your personalised hair solution.
  • To celebrate this new launch we are offering complimentary postage and packaging.
  • For more details on this service please email

Thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support during these extremely challenging times. We value every single client and are so excited to be able to welcome you back to our salons very soon.

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