The Colour Blog #6: Let Them (and me) Eat Cake

"Qu'ils mangent du gâteau" - or, translated into English, “let them eat cake!” is a famous quote supposedly said by the last-ever Queen of France, Maire Antoniette. The Rococo period in which she lived was extremely ostentatious, grand, and - some may say - vulgar. Marie Antoniette was later executed for high treason (we assume not because of her cake comment or her over-the-top taste in interior design). 

But enough of the history lesson - what does this mean for hair colour? 

Back in February of this year it was London Fashion week, and it was very apparent that Jeremy Scott for Moschino was very inspired by the whole Rococo period - it has strong echoes of Sophia Coppelas 2006 movie on the French queen. This vibe then filters down to hair colour trends, translating into confident, sexy, no-holds-barred colour, with no apologies for it’s over-the-top glamour levels.

So, what colours should you be asking for? 

For blondes - rich, warm and velvety tones that are packed with shine and look good enough to eat. Ask your colourist for your toner to have more of a velvet appearance, which means your blonde will be richer in tone and therefore gives the appearance of looking thicker. Shades to ask for are crème brulee, mille-feuille and amber blonde. 

For brunettes - deep, dark and sexy, Rococo brunettes have an exotic air to them. Ask your colourist to work with a ‘triple tier glazing’ technique, which will give your hair colour a multi-tonal effect and add volume. Shades to ask for are coco brown, chestnut and black grape. 

Pastels - The Rococo period featured many pastel colours when it came to artwork as they felt it gave the illusion of movement; and for hair colour, it’s the same. Ask your hairdresser to view your hair as a blank canvas on which to paint. Sketching and blending more than one tone into your hair, they should be looking at the key shades of passionfruit, macaroon, rose champagne and pistachio.”

Warren x


Warren Boodaghian is Head of Technical at HOB Salons & Academy, heading up all colour-related activity and education across the company and the training school. He has a long and established career history which includes working on a global level for worldwide colour product brands, and has looked after the hair colour of a string of household celebrity names. He lives in Highgate with his partner Jonathan and when he’s not colouring hair, or in quarantine, he’s out running. 

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