The Colour Blog #5: Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

“Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls was TLC’s big hit of the 90’s, and stood for people chasing impossible dreams without thinking of the consequences. Deep, right?! (Picture me back in the day, loving the tie-dye cargo style pants, frosty make up pallets and the futuristic water holograms….)

However, inspired by this nostalgic song title comes this summer’s hottest trend: Waterfall Colour. The colour is delicate, translucent, and almost glass-like. 

To create this look, your colourist needs to first create the perfect ‘clean canvas’ so your hair will need to be lightened all over (what colourists would call a ‘global lightening application’) and your colourist needs to work towards a very pale yellow undertone. 

Waterfall colour is super-soft and designed to last only 1-3 washes, so your colourist would then tone your hair after the lightening process to a porcelain white. 

To create the perfect shade I would then use a Wella Professionals product called Perfecton - think of it like food colouring for the hair. This is mixed with water to create the desired shade. 

And, since it only lasts 1- 3 washes, it’s perfect for the holiday/festival season, or perhaps that one night out where you want try something fun and non-committal. For those wanting more commitment from their waterfall colour, I would recommend your colourist works with pure tone intermixed with conditioner, which will give you the same delicate result but will last up to 10 washes. 

So, if we’ve wetted (pun intended) your appetite for this aqua-inspired water trend, book in for a Couture Colour Match so that we can perfectly bespoke the shade to your hair type, complexion and tribe.”

Warren x


Warren Boodaghian is Head of Technical at HOB Salons & Academy, heading up all colour-related activity and education across the company and the training school. He has a long and established career history which includes working on a global level for worldwide colour product brands, and has looked after the hair colour of a string of household celebrity names. He lives in Highgate with his partner Jonathan and when he’s not colouring hair, or in quarantine, he’s out running. 

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