The Colour Blog #3: What Your Hair Secretly Wants…

“In the 90’s movie Mel Gibson shaved, blowdried, primped and preened his way to finding out what women want - with limited success! Luckily, when it comes to your hair, HOB Salons have it all figured out (no electric shock treatment required). Colour is one of the most stimulating aspects in our visual world, and how we all interpret colour is very different to each other. When choosing hair colour, you should feel confident and empowered by your colour choice; after all, it’s the one accessory that you wear every single day. 

Our new ‘Couture Colour Match’ consultation is a unique concept that we have developed for you. We just don’t paint hair; we look at the exact tones of your facial canvas and assess what your most flattering hair colour would be. We also add in our know-how of how to adapt and evolve your hair colour over the next few visits. 

Last but not least, one of the key elements of the consultation is countering the colour alongside your ‘tribe’ or lifestyle; for us, knowing what tribe you belong to, and how you present your own personal style, helps us select and then fully customise the colour choice and application method. And if you want to apply that to the bigger picture - our tribe not only determines our hair colour choices, it influences where we shop, what music we listen to, how we present ourselves to the world and who we truly are as humans. 

Influences around us and seasonal trends can sometimes cause us to shift from one tribe to another, but we always come back to our predominate tribe. 

At HOB Salons, we identify 6 tribes: 

The Activist 

Rebel Rebel 

The Saviour 

Right Here Right Now 

The Traditionalist 

The Prima   

Are you intrigued? Want to know which tribe you might belong to, and how a HOB colourist would use this to bespoke your hair colour and technique? We would love to book you in for a complimentary Couture Colour Match consultation at a HOB Salon - just give any salon a call to book and we look forward to exploring tribes together!”

Warren x


Warren Boodaghian is Head of Technical at HOB Salons & Academy, heading up all colour-related activity and education across the company and the training school. He has a long and established career history which includes working on a global level for worldwide colour product brands, and has looked after the hair colour of a string of household celebrity names. He lives in Highgate with his partner Jonathan and when he’s not colouring hair, or in quarantine, he’s out running. 

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