So, you want to change up your colour for winter, but you’re not sure where to start… enter Sean Nolan, Head of Technical here at HOB Salons to tell us the trends! Here’s his top 3 swoon-worthy colours to fall in love with this season…
For you blondes this season it’s all about the “field favourites”. No, it’s not some new organic veg delivery box; think of all the golden tones you’d find in a crop field, such as oats, wheat, barley and cotton. These colours will give a softer, warmer, and ultimately on-trend blonde this season, just like Holly Willoughby, Sienna Miller, Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Molly King

In hair right now, nearly black is the new black. Not as tricky to pull off as true black, it makes a statement and can produce unparalleled shine without being harsh on the complexion. Also see nearly navy, nearly olive, and Rum & Raisin - richer and glossier tones that shine when the light hits it. Cheryl shows us how to do Rum & Raisin to perfection with her new dark, glossy do.

Reds are always up for a revival and this time around it’s burnt sienna, ochre and cinnamon tones that are giving the fashion forward vibe; lived-in hues that don’t look salon fresh. Blondes could try a pale strawberry tone to brighten up their look. Celeb inspo is provided by Queens of Red Jess Glynne, Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain.

Tempted by any of these? Just call or pop in to any HOB salon for a chat with one of our colourists on how the trend can be tailored to you.

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